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~ Special Themes ~

Poetic Forms


Apart from alliterative poetry (stave rhyme), free verse, blank verse, and endrhyming quatrains (ABAB, AABB or ABBA),
Odin┤s Gift features still more formal poetic forms:

Acrostic                                       What┤s an acrostic?
* Thor   Justin Douglas Blackford
* Hearth    Justin Douglas Blackford
* He Walks Alone   Justin Douglas Blackford
* Kvasir Michaela Macha
* Acrostic Michaela Macha
* Sly Trickster   Justin Douglas Blackford
* Arminius Laurel Mendes
* Thor Shivos 
* Freyja Shivos 
* Surreptitiously Unreal   Patricia
* Madre Terra e Padre Tuono Shivos (Italian)
* Runelore Jackie Hannigan
* Chieftain and Tribe  Wolf Helser
* Acrostic for Sigyn Galina Krasskova
* Awe Michaela Macha
* Mimir Michaela Macha
* Icy Cold the Body Lay Jackie Hannigan
* Vigilant Jackie Hannigan
* Skaldsong Jackie Hannigan
* Guise of Winter Jackie Hannigan
* Tattoo Michaela Macha
* Welcome - Thanks! Michaela Macha
* Thor Acrostic Ben Waggoner
* Odin Has Me Michaela Macha
* Odin Acrostic Heather Jones

Haiku                                           What┤s a haiku?
* Heathen Haiku (Freysblot, Death (for Nerthus), Cycles) Jordsvin
* For Odin  Jordsvin
* Thrill Michaela Macha
Haiku Rune Poem  Laure Lynch
Viking Haiku Cynthia Haywood
* Haiku Freyja: I & II Rebecca Buchanan
* Haiku Sif: I Rebecca Buchanan
* Haiku Sleipner: I Rebecca Buchanan
* Three Haikus for Idun Rebecca Buchanan
* Truth  Michaela Macha
* Renewal Jeff Wolf
* Forsythia Lorrie Wood
* Frey Haiku Jeff Wolf
* Concern
Michaela Macha
* Ostara Rushy
* Pain Rushy

Limericks                                      What┤s a limerick?
* Heathen Limericks Michaela Macha

* Freyja Sun-Wing Cameron La Follette        What┤s a sestet?

Shakespearean Sonnet                     What┤s a Shakespearean sonnet?
* Contemplating a Tour Karen Emanuelson
* The Fighter┤s War Cry is Poetry  GregRobin Smith 
* From the Lands of the Norsemen Jake Ortega

* Ties Michaela Macha
* Sonnet 26 Marius-Creb
* Sonnet 32 Marius-Creb
* Sonnet 33 Marius-Creb

Shape Poetry (=Concrete Poetry)  What┤s shape poetry ?

- Lantern                                       What┤s a lantern?
* Wod 
Michaela Macha

- Hourglass

* Even The Strongest Are Not Immortal  Justin Douglas Blackford
* Rune Poem I  Rebecca Buchanan
* Rune Poem III: Ansuz Rebecca Buchanan
* Rune Poem IV: Kenaz Rebecca Buchanan
* Rune Poem V: Mannaz Rebecca Buchanan
Rune Poem VI: Laguz Rebecca Buchanan
Rune Poem VII: Thurisaz Rebecca Buchanan
* Rune Poem VIII: Algiz Rebecca Buchanan
* Rune Poem IX: Berkana Rebecca Buchanan
* Rune Poem X: Ehwaz Rebecca Buchanan

- Apple
* Portrait of Idunna┤s Apple DarÝ Einarfjˇr­ison

Terza Rima                                   What┤s terza rima?
* Mistletoe by Patricia & Sorn Skald 
* Thor┤s Fishing Trip  Sorn Skald 
* Wisdom Sorn Skald 
* ┤Tis to the Watery Halls of Ran  Jackie Hannigan
* The Sacrifice  Jackie Hannigan
* Freya  
Jackie Hannigan
* Mundilfari┤s Kin  
Jackie Hannigan
* Passing
Jackie Hannigan
* Mysteries Gathered  
Jackie Hannigan
* BattleReavers┤ Remembrance
Jackie Hannigan
* The Stone Trail Ben Waggoner

Villanelle                                       What┤s a villanelle?
* Sif Golden-Hair Cameron La Follette
* For Freyr   Boar┤s Heart
* La Grange   Boar┤s Heart
* Lifted Horns   Boar┤s Heart
* Whoever First Quenches the Flames Sorn Skald 
* Sweet Frigga   Jackie Hannigan
* Thor   Jackie Hannigan
* Eir Ben Waggoner
* Weland Ben Waggoner

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