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~ Special Themes ~

Poems that may be used under a License
(e.g. Creative Commons, Public Domain)

How does a License work ? Why is it a Good Idea for Poets ?

The poems of authors listed below may, under certain conditions stated in a "License",
be freely distributed, copied and displayed, without contacting the author and without asking them for permission first.
Each of these poems comes with a License attached under it.
Each License may vary in content and conditions from author to author and from poem to poem.
If you want to use or spread one of these works you are welcome,
but please read the poem´s License carefully first, and be sure you meet the requirements.

The copyright of licensed poems remains with the author!

If you would like to have any of these conditions waived for you by the author,
or would like to use a work which is not under a License, I can forward your request to the author.

Authors who put some or all of their written works on this site under a License:

* Analemma McKee-Schwenke
* Anna-Lena Kramer-Güth
* Anna Stockinger
* Askr
* Blennerhassette
* Cameron Eubanks

* Cameron La Follette
* Daithi M Haxton
* Daniel T. Campbell
* Davkin
* Eddie-David Berrier
Elizabeth Vongvisith
* Gunn-Thora
Izak Sample
* John T Mainer
* Kol
Larisa C. Hunter
* Ljón Bragrman
* Michaela Macha
* M Odinsdatter
* Paul Walker
* Rhonda Turner
Ron Smith
* Salena Levy
* Sorn Skald
* Stuart Quatermaine
* T. J. Hafer
* Wolf Helser
* xxRaiinn

Authors who released some or all of their written works on this site into the Public Domain:

* Marshall Stands

The above links lead you to the appropiate page of Poetry sorted by Author´s last name.
Then, just scroll down until you hit the author´s name.

If I forgot anyone, please do remind me :-)!

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