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~ Special Themes ~


The Poetry Duel

The challenge we set ourselves was to write a poem on the same central idea / subject. 
Variations on style, length, and different interpretations of the theme were allowed. 

* Tyr, God of the Morning Michaela Macha 
* Tyr of the Old World Matthias Wilson

* Prelude to Battle Matthias Wilson

* Word-War Michaela Macha 

* Mead-Fire M.C. Daimler
* Soul-Stirrer
Michaela Macha 
* Inspiration Divine Matthias Wilson
* Odinīs Gift Michael Schütz

* Ratatosk Michaela Macha 
* The Furry Ears of Yggdrasil Matthias Wilson

* Echoes Matthias Wilson
* Ripples Michaela Macha 

* Timeless Michaela Macha 
* Soulīs Ebb and Flow Matthias Wilson

* The Weavers Matthias Wilson
* The Norns Michaela Macha 

* Starkadīs Fate Michaela Macha 
* Kindling Fortune Matthias Wilson

Image: From 123RF, used under Standard License.


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