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Balder, Hoder, Vali, Hermod, Vidar, Magni,

Mimir, Hoenir, Lodhur, Saxnot, Alcis


"What Odin whispered In Baldr's ear,
Not god nor man Was nigh to hear.
What Odin whispered, Bending low,
No one knowth Or e're shall know."- Author unknown

* Vali´s-tide  Karl Donaldsson
* Baldur Birgitta Jonsdottir
* Mistletoe Sorn Skald & Patricia
* Baldur and Nanna Galina Krasskova
* Skadhi´s Lament Harja Sagjam  

* A Song of Balder Dan Nielsen 
* Infamous Sprig Thorfinn MacLeod
* Shining Balder Glenn Bergen
* Balder
Jeff Wolf

* Two Journeys To Hel Glenn Bergen

“Of all the twelve round Odin’s throne,
Balder, the Beautiful, alone,
The Sun-god, good, and pure, and bright,
Was loved by all, as all love light.” - Valhalla (J. C. Jones)


* Hoder´s Song Math Jones 


* Vali Larisa C. Hunter


* Hermod Galina Krasskova


* Vidar Kolag Hraban
* Vidar´s Word Kolag Hraban


* Invocation For Magni Glenn Bergen


* Blue Eye Shine Jackie Hannigan
* Invocation to Mimir
Raven Kaldera
* Mimir Michaela Macha
* Mimir Elizabeth Vongvisith
* Mimir Galina Krasskova

Hoenir, Lodhur 

* Hoenir and Loður Galina Krasskova
* Prayer to Hoenir Galina Krasskova


* Saxnot Galina Krasskova

Alcis Twins

* Alcis Salena Levy
* Hail Alcis Salena Levy


* Dellingr: Dawn's Early Light Glenn Bergen

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Silence icon: Public Domain
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Eye: Public Domain