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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Hail Alcis

Alcis, we hail you!
Great are your blessings, graces from Twins side by side.
The dokana is your symbol,
a doorway, an entrance and an exit,
life and death, beginning and ending.
Duality is yours in the hidden grove
where priests dressed as women
hold up the sacrificed hart and dance to your name.
You box and run, cherished are your athletes.
You ride and hunt, cherished are your horsemen.
You heal and nurture, cherished are your faithful.
Vanir Gods, youthful Gods.
You gently lead with your ancient wisdom, and for this we honor Ye!
Hail to your cycle, your Jera, your reminder of summer and winter.
The call of the bull elk sounds;
we enter Frost-time, be our pillars of support.
Let us feel your blessings of the season,
let us huddle in your comfort, the knowing of your divine presence.
At Dellingrís door I lie before you
the mead, the egg, the blood of the bull, the harvest of the fields.
Accept my offering, my devotion.
Hail Alcis!

© Salena Levy (aka Anderson)

Temple of the Flea

This work by Salena Levy is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License.


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