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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Two Journeys To Hel

A God' s ship sat motionless out in the bay,
On a bed of gold Balder' s lifeless body lay,
Nanna died from Her grief, no longer to mourn,
Her body placed beside His on the deck of Ringhorn.

The ship was set alight, the ritual was done,
The great ship burned as it sailed towards the sun,
With tears in Her eyes Frigga waved a farewell,
As Her beautiful son Balder began his journey to Hel.

It was Hermod who promised to win Frigga' s favor,
On His excursion to Hel not once did He waver,
Only the tall gates of Hel stood in his way,
He dug in his spurs, and Sleipnir jumped them that day.

After meeting with Balder, Hermod made a deal with Hel,
If everything wept for Balder, then all would be well,
Back to Asgard Hermod rode with all due haste,
He knew he had no time left there to waste.

To all the nine worlds fast messengers were sent out,
They received pledges and oaths from everything about,
Men, beasts, stones, even metals agreed to cry,
All they spoke with were more than happy to try.

There was however a giantess, who sat in a cave,
who when asked, sent them away with a wave,
"I will weep dry tears for the old fellows' son." she said.
And Frigga's son Balder remained in the land of the dead.

Glenn Bergen, 2012

A Follower Of  The Old Ways
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