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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Ave Odinus Dominus,
in aeterna potentia tua!
Ave Odinus Rex Asgardis,
nam tibi est Midgardis cura!
Ave Odinus cum pilum,
et sine unum oculum!
Ave Odinus Magnus,
nam tu es maximus Deorum!
Ave Odinus Arcanus,
Runae sunt in tuis manibus!


somniumsanguinis on DeviantArt

Hail, Lord Odin

Hail, Lord Odin,
in your eternal might!
Hail Odin, King of Asgard,
for yours is Midgard's care!
Hail Odin with the spear
and without one eye!
Hail, Great Odin,
for you are the greatest of Gods!
Hail, Mysterious Odin,
the runes are in your hands!

Translation: Michaela Macha

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