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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


a Engla-Saxnan             


Siġla blwen agan from noran.
W, a Engla-Saxnan, sind ġecumen
t ġewieldenne.
t wcfolc sceal feallan and forweoran.
t bld on re stele nǽfre
sceal wesan drġe.
Bld for blde f.
Ecg on ecge slh.
W feota ot
re lf-wn drahna ǽmettiġ.
On wudennum hengestum w fara
Ofer hwlweġe and ǽm em.
Eġelaslċe w ġecuma,
and eġelaslċe ġewta.
a sǽriman and mearca sind re.
Nǽniġ wealh ne rinc cann s wistandan.
Woden mid s, hw mġe forringan?

Justin Douglas Blackford


The Anglo-Saxons

Blue eyes sail from the north.
We, the Anglo-Saxons, are come
to conquer.
The weak-folk shall fall and perish.
The blood on our still never
shall dry.
Blood for blood seize.
Edge on edge strike.
We fight until
our life-wine drains empty.
On wooden stallions we fare
over the whale-way and the rivers;
Fearlessly we come,
and fearlessly depart.
The coasts and marches are ours.
No Welshman or warrior can withstand us.
Woden with us, who may resist us?

Justin Douglas Blackford


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