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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


File:Odin and Sága by Frřlich.jpg

Calling to Saga

 Entrancer of the minds    of mortals forever
who settle to listen and see,
telling your tales    timeless mother
to your bairns at bedtime ‘til sleep,

The ‘chantress of    the charm of “what happens”,
a spree of yarns you spin
and from your mouth    flow the stories,
of wonder the tales you weave.

The mistress of    the most old word-play,
holds sway your voice so sweet.
Your lover oh singer   of Sokkvabekk I am,
old lays we bring to life.

 Inspiring Saga,    of stories the mother,
blessings on my tellings bring,
so forebears’ riches    reach waiting ears,
make the tales ring true!

So with Muninn I hear    murmur Saga’s stream;
so that raven on my shoulder rests;
so the holy mead    gives a honeyed tongue
that in telling turns to gold!

© P.D. Brown The Storyteller´s Homepage

Poetic form: Ljóđaháttr (Song Meter)

Image: Odin and Saga, Lorenz Frřlich (1820–1908), Denish painter, illustrator and etcher.

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