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     What is Asatru ?

Asatru is a modern religion rooting in the beliefs and mythology of  the pre-Christian Scandinavian peoples
(Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark), and the continental Germanic tribes.

The word "Ásatrú" is Icelandic and means "Faith/trust in the Aesir" (and the Vanir),
two families of deities who are best known as the gods and goddesses of the Old Norse sagas.
Because the old Scandinavian sources provide the best knowledge of them,
we usually refer to them by their Old Norse names: Odin, Thor, Freya, Freyr, Tyr, etc.
The continental tribes had similar names for them: Wodan, Donar, Friia, Frey, Ziu etc. 
Traces remain in modern English: Tuesday means Ziu´s/Tyr's day, Wednesday = Wodan´s day,
Thursday = Thor's day, and Friday = Frigg's day or Freyja's day.

It is my belief that Asatru is open to everyone, and anyone who falls called to do so may honor
and worship the Gods - regardless of gender, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, language, sexual orientation,
or other divisive criteria.

Asatru often form local groups for the same reasons that people of other religions come together.
These groups are sometimes called Hearths, Kindreds, or by other names. Some Asatruar live too far away
from each other to be able to join a group, and some again may choose to practice their faith solitary.
Several countries have large organizations, and in some of those countries Asatru is officially recognized as a state religion.

That much being rather general, many details vary from group to group and from believer to believer.
There are these days many different variations of faith in the Norse deities with other names besides Asatru, 
e.g. "Heathen" is a very common self-designation. As there is no central authority recognized by all,
individual opinions on anything faith-related are bound to vary. This is why I do not presume to speak for
other authors represented on this site, but for myself and my own community. Your mileage may vary :-).

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