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~ About me ~

Hello, Iīm Michaela! Being a German in Germany, Iīve always enjoyed reading English poetry.
At some point in life I became fascinated with Norse mythology, especially Odin,
and felt my calling to Asatru, the belief in the Norse Gods.

To me, poetry is an expression of spirituality par excellence, and itīs also an aspect of Odin
which, back then, I found underrepresented in modern perception of him. When I tried to find
poems about and for the Norse Gods, I was disappointed how seemingly few there were,
scattered and very hard to find  - lost in some ancient forum thread, disappearing from sites
that were breaking down, or published years ago in magazines unknown to the public at large.
I resolved to change that!

So in January 2004 I sat down, wrote my first poem for Odin, and started to build this site :-).
In 2010, I was able to add the 1500. poem written by one of over 250 modern authors
- including my own 150. poem!

Of these, over 200 are included as songs in the Heathen Songbook Online, accompanied by
MP3, Midi, sheet music, and videos.
And thatīs not even counting the classical works, multilingual
international poems, and mythical stories!

My poems have been published online on numerous sites, printed in the poetry magazine
"Ship of Fools", the heathen magazines "Idunna", "Yggdrasil", "Spindle & Broom" and "Herdfeuer",
and several devotionals (books centering on specific deities). For Galina Krasskovaīs bilingual
poetry book "Walking toward Yggdrasil" I translated her part to German. I have translated
a few dozen modern and classical poems and stories from English to German, and vice versa,
and the odd poem from French and Swedish.

Since December 2004, "Odinīs Gift" has a German sister site "Skaldenmet", featuring over
600 modern poems, 100 of those by me in my native tongue.

Without the generosity of all you poets and artists this collection would never have been possible
- a huge thanks to you from our readers and from me! I keep getting a lot of positive feedback
for the site, which I herewith pass on to you.
Thanks to everyone who encouraged us by their appreciation.

This site is also my way of giving something back to the many fine folks whose works,
sites and lists have inspired and taught me on my way.

Feel free to mail me for a chat ! Be reading you...
                                                                            - Michaela

1) "Michaela" by Paulo Meyer, acrylic on wood. Chile, 2010. Gracias, Paulo!
2) "The Seven Ravens", German fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm. Scan of a 70's scrapbook sticker.