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~ Multilingual International Asatru Poetry ~

Hør mig Aser                

Hør mig Vætter,
Hør mig Thurser,
Hør mig alfer og dværge.
Hør mig Aser,
Hør mig Vaner,
Hør mig disedøtre og muspelsønner.
På dette sted mærker vi marken,
På dette sted ære vi guder,
På dette sted holder vi blot.

Hear me, Aesir                Hear me, Aesir MP3 (0,5 MB)

Hear me, Vaettir
Hear me, Thurses
Hear me, Alfar and Dwarves.
Hear me, Aesir
Hear me, Vanir
Hear me, Disirs´ daughters and sons of Muspel.

Here on this place we mark our field,
Here on this place we honor the Gods,
Here on this place we hold our blót.

Norwegian original: Egil H. Stenseth
© Transl. to Denish, tune Kirsten "Kix" Hauge
© Translation to English, performance: Michaela Macha


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