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~ Multilingual International Asatru Poetry ~



Friges Bed

Hal Frige Módor; Myge Wódnes,
Lé of mid þín léodum; Léohtmód bist,
Rúne hieldst Rúmheort bist,
Mearum ond máðmum Meduradenne,
For gesiðmægen Symle aghwar;
Eodor æþelinga Arest gegretest,
Forman fulle Tó Fréan hond,
Ricence geracst Ond rad witst mann,
Frige eallcnáwestre Fræfel gyden,
Esageardes cwén; Cwémlic hláfidge.
Biergst byrdum Bearn weardst,
Agnar árgiþes sunu Setede cyning,
Wódne tacede Wealdend wæs.


Frigga Prayer

Hail Frigga Mother Woden's mirth,
Dear to the folk You are light hearted,
Hold secrets And generous are,
With mares and treasures When the mead is dealt out,
For warriors At symbel together;
Always the princes You greet first,
First the full To the lord's hand,
Greatness you attain And for Man counsel know,
Frigga all knowing Cunning goddess,
Asgard's queen Pleasing lady.
You guard births Ward the young,
Agnar, Gearöth's son You sat as King,
Woden you showed Who the ruler was. 

© Anglo-Saxon & English version: Swain Wodening Canote

Author's note: Lines 2-7 based on Maxims II.

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