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~ Multilingual International Asatru Poetry ~

Engla-Saxna Ġebed

Hl Wden, his cnedm ġecym:
Se Rċe s sġeardes,
Hwǽr a dadan sculon eftrsan,
And lf sceal bon endelas.

Hl Tw, fder ra ċe heofona:
Se blǽhǽwen-aġena weard,
Hwǽr so Sunne s baa mid hire lohte,
And so frfre s gief.

Hl unor, hw earda in rhme:
Se ealmihtiġ hamor h bewierp,
Mid heofonfre h smt a hellsceaan,
And s bierg from t feorhbealwe.

Hl Frige, modor of s eall:
So Byr-Gyfa and lrestre,
Mid lufe s grt and smearca,
In hire earmum w slǽpa frielċe.

Hl Ingui-Fra, hw maca re folc acen:
Se grwere s lfes,
Mid his myċel-pintle ġesciep
And brd a stranga-brd.

Hl Sceadu, so hlǽfdġe ra beorga:
Hw bu ǽm snwe.
Hire froriġ elland
Is re huntung-grund in winteres ċealdan.

Hl Hra, so Sigefsta:
Bana s hrmforstes.
Mid sweorde in handa
Ho fyle re fondas.

Hl a Wlcyriġan:
Hw from Wlhealle rda
T ċosan a ofslgene.
W forfra in hiera fme.

Justin Douglas Blackford


Anglo-Saxon Prayer

Hail Woden, his kingdom cometh:
The ream of Asgaard,
Where the dead shall riseth again
And life shall be endless.

Hail Tiw, father of the eternal sky:
The blue-eyed ward
Where the Sun batheth us with her light
And giveth us comfort.

Hail Thor, who dwelleth in Thrudheim:
The almighty hammer he throweth down
With heaven-fire he smiteth the hell-shades
And delivereth us from the forces of evil.

Hail Frigga, mother of us all:
The birth-giver and instructor,
With love greeteth and smileth at us.
In her arms we sleep peacefully.

Hail Ingui-Frey, who maketh our folk eke:
The grower of life,
With his great penis createth,
And breedeth the strong brood.

Hail Skadi, the lady of the mountains:
Who liveth in the snow.
Her frozen estate
Is our hunting ground in winter's cold.

Hail Hretha, the victorious:
Bane of the rime-frost.
With sword in hand
She falls our foes.

Hail the Valkyries:
Who from Valhalla ride
To choose the slain.
We fare forth in their embrace.

Justin Douglas Blackford

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