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~ Multilingual International Asatru Poetry ~


Edgeonga is a reconstruction of Idunna's name into Old English.
Edgeonga, holder of the apples of youth, is a goddess of innocence and undying trust.
She is known for her beauty and kindness.

For Hluwiga, devoted follower of Idunna.

Edgeongan Bede

Edgeongan pples gyden geifre geogua goda,
rad ond gold wstmas pplas eallgeonges,
sceinde bld healf swa scr swa u,
on in ortgeard wx pplas goda ond hledas,
swa eald nfre weax grg nfre wend.
Aweg t rymham yrsas bron,
hwonne Puca mid wrenc getihtde t weald,
Godas agon Puca wes owon ,
Fron hafoces hama Puca flag t yrslond,
hnut macode e swa wes in hlot,
hwonne sageard flag segyden on hond
ham to sageard hwr pplas weax.
Ortgeardes gyden giefre hl gdes
Wesa hal in trowas wes hal in trow,
Wes hal pplas pllas eallgeonges!

Idunna Prayer

Idunna apple goddess giver of youth to the gods,
red and gold fruit apples of everlasting youth,
Shining fruit half as beautiful as you,
Grows in your orchard given to gods and heroes,
so they never grow old so gray they never go.
Away to Thrymheim Thurses did carry,
When Loki with a trick lured you to the woods,
The Gods interrogated tortured Loki,
So with Freya's falcon coat Loki flew to Thursland,
Into a nut he made you So was your lot,
When to Asgard he flew Aesir goddess in hand,
Home to Asgard where apples grow.
Orchard goddess giver of good health,
I wassail your trees I wassail your troth,
I wassail apples fruit of everlasting youth!

Anglo-Saxon & English version: Swain Wodening Canote

Image: Faux stained glass, Analemma McKee
-Schwenke, used with permission

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