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~ Heathen Stories and New Myths ~

Submissions of stories, tales, mythological retellings, new myths etc. are very welcome !
See also "Links to Poetry" -> Heathen Prose & Norse Myths (Online, to read / Online, to listen to / Books / Audiobooks)

"If you can't get a lot of mileage out of a myth, you need to find some new myths." - Matt Dyer, RKN

New Myths / Mythological Stories /
Retold & Re-interpreted Myths / Visions & Dreams

* How Ravens Came To Be Black  Michaela Macha
* In the Beginning  Michaela Macha 
Insight Michael Schütz

* The Wedding of Thor John T Mainer
* The Story of the Mistletoe John T Mainer (with video)
* Ostara and the Dance of the Bunnies John T Mainer

Ostara´s Bunny  John T Mainer (with video)
* A Tale of Santa John T Mainer (with video)
* The One That Got Away John T Mainer

* Njord's Doughnut John T Mainer
* Half Shirts, Half Truths John T Mainer
* Tooth Gift of Frey John T Mainer

* Why Wolves Howl at the Moon John T Mainer
Alin and the Rainbow Bridge J. Stockwell
* Afterlives Ben Waggoner

* The Hunt Sarah Wassberg
* Northern Lights  Don Fowler 
* Loki and Sigyn´s First Meeting Galina Krasskova

* Tower At The Edge Of All Rachel E. Bailey
* The Tale Of Heimdall's Birth Raven Kaldera
* Gunnlod's Tale Elizabeth Vongvisith

* Sunna and Mani Larisa C Hunter
* Skadhi: The Heart Of The Huntress Glenn Bergen
* Freyja' s Journey Glenn Bergen

* The Weary Traveler Glenn Bergen
* The King and the Jester Sir Hattington
* Gna's Tale Sarah Wassberg
* Helja  Renate Steinbach

Old-time/Saga-type Short Stories

"All stories are true. Some of them actually happened." - Ron Wetherington

* The Theft Of Thor´s Hammer Mikal Hrafspa
* The Snow Princess John T Mainer
* Coward’s Saga John T Mainer

* The Wooden Sword Matthias Wilson
* Three Fine Swords Matthias Wilson
* Warriors M. Farmer & R. Williamson

* They Will Come
Everett A. Warren

Modern Short Stories

* Odin and the Asatruar  Matthias Wilson
* Amos and Red  Matthias Wilson
* A Seed in His Hand  Matthias Wilson

* The Old Man Meyer saw in Church One Day  Matthias Wilson
* Tameka´s Choice Matthias Wilson
* Destinations  Matthias Wilson

* The False Friend Matthias Wilson
* Visions J.J. Carlson
* Mayday! (not a children´s story) John T Mainer

* A Little Lukey is More than Enough John T Mainer
* The Nom-Nom Gnome John T Mainer

Robert Etter´s Story Poems

* How Idunna Brought the Golden Apples to the Aesir
* Thrud´s Abduction
* The Lovers 

* Gullfaxi´s Brave Rider
* Svadi the Giant 

* Eagle-Beak

* Family 
* Skin-Beak´s Curse
* Time Off

* Roskva 
* Thjalfi
* Thor´s Hammer Stolen 

* Loki
* Alboin the Langobard

"Hail to the speaker, Hail to the knower,
Joy to him who has understood,
Delight to those who have listened." - Havamal

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