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The Heathen Year     MP3 (1,8 MB)
The stanzas are referring to various heathen European organizations and their moots...
click on the pictures to visit their sites !

Chorus: (2x)
Throughout the year we heathens meet,
We fill our horns and drink our mead. 

1. In Springtime we can journey forth
to gather in Sweden in the north,
to hail the gods and kings of old
and listen to stories being told.

Chorus (2x)

2. Forn Sidhr´s althing is in May
where many heathens find their way.
Their althing takes so very long
that we had time to write this song.

Chorus (2x)

3. In June in Holland is no thing,
but Frigga teaches us to sing.
Het Rad is spinning on and on
until the last bottle of mead is gone.

Chorus (2x)

4. Bifrost in Norway is next in line,
we travel there in summertime,
to see old friends and make some new
and drink until the morning dew.

Chorus (2x)

5. The Eldaring´s fire is burning bright,
the stars shine all September night.
The skalds and brewers compare their skill,
of poets´ mead they had their fill.

Chorus (3x)

© Lyrics: Frigga Asraaf, Rachél, Michiel, Wilco of Het Rad (Netherlands)
& Michaela Macha, Michael Schütz of Eldaring Germany
© Tune: Frigga Asraaf, Michaela Macha

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