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~ Northern / Heathen / Asatru Music Links ~

I greatly appreciate suggestions from you regarding sites, bands, albums, or your personal experiences.
For listening to Prose, see "Links to Poetry" -> "Heathen Prose&Norse Myths: Online, to listen to" & "Audiobooks".

Click on the links to jump to the sections below:

Heathen & Norse-Themed...  Albums  *  Online Music  *  Music Websites  *   Music eGroups  *  Music & Singing Resources

Norse-Themed Albums: Reconstructioned Old Music, Classical & Symphonic Music  *  Neo/Folk/Rock, Revival  * (Viking) Metal

Heathen Albums

Skaldenmet  - "Der Ruf der Götter" (The Call of the Gods) by Michaela Macha, Armin Knorr & Michael Schütz.
My own German Asatru folk/rock album. German and English lyrics on the CD. MP3 samples & lyrics of all songs online here.

Tru Spirit - "A Gift for A Gift", the second album by John Cyr and Ingmar Lauer. Their first album, "Songs of Our Heathen Ancestry", is no longer available.

Bob Falkenstein (YouTube channel) - "Hammer of Bronze" - MP3 album on iTunes / "Heathen River" - MP3 album on iTunes and CD on Amazon.com

Dano Hammer (FB) - Heartfelt Heathen Hip-Hop. Free MP3 downloads on ReverbNation.

Gudrun Victoria Gotved  - "Hør mig Aser - Ritualsange"(Hear me Aesir - Ritual Songs) Ritual songs with both modern Denish and Old Norse texts
from the Older and Younger Edda. Several artists accompany her with lyre, percussion, rattles and hurdy-gurdy. Listen to all tracks online.

Hauk (FB) - "Path of Ice", "No Mercy for the Slain", "Love Songs, Lamentations and Lifthrasir", "To Hear the Trumpets Call". Hauk on YouTube. Hauk on MySpace.

Hildr Valkyrie - "Deceitful Fate", "Shield Brothers of Walhalla". English songs about battle, Valkyries and Einherjar by Greek heathen Hildr Valkyrie.
You can read most of her "Deceitful Fate" lyrics on Odin´s Gift, and listen to tracks on ReverbNation.

Raven Kaldera - "Nine Sea Songs" - Spiritual songs, accompanied by guitar: 'To Ran´s Nine Daughters', 'Groa's Charms', 'Candlemas Hymn', and more.

Skaldic Hearth Kin - "Winter Wassail", MP3 album of Yule and Wassail songs, available on iTunes and Amazon.

Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson - "Edda" - By the founder of the Asatruarfelagidh, in Icelandic language & performance style.
Four tracks: The Prophecy Of Seeress, The Saying Of Har, The Lay Of Sigrdrifa, Poems By Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson. 
My comment: Archaic and haunting. To our ears unusual style; nothing to hear as "background" music.


  Online Music


Skaldenmet - My German Asatru Poetry Collection, the sister site of Odin's Gift. Over 600 poems and songs. Online Songbook with MP3.

Life Blood - Viking song by Karen Kahan aka Wyndreth Berginsdottir .

Nine Long Nights by PanChilde (Jenn Mayes)

Piparskeggrskald Podbean - A place to hear Piparskeggr's poems and songs.

SolMånens Forlag - Denish heathen Dankward E. Nielsen´s chants and drumming. MP3 soundclips of his CDs available.

Thorskegga Thorn -  Instrumental music on YouTube, e.g. Odin´s Dance, Freya´s Dance, Frigga´s Dance.


Eddan - Based on a merge of various Eddic poems. The scope is a story from Ginnungagap to Ragnarök.
The project was finished in 2008 and first publicly displayed in Reykjavik/Iceland. In 2009, Eddan was released by ELYZIUM classics.

Eiris sazun idisi The Merseburg Charms, sung as Germanic Mantra by Jürgen Blottner and Anja Pfennig. CD & YouTube

Gudakväden ("Chants of the Gods") by Thorolf Darje. Experience online a part of this enthralling Viking exhibition which brings the old myths alive for modern audiences.

The Ballad of  Regin (Regin smiður) - Faroese ballad.
Performances by Faroese band "Tyr", by traditional dancers, and
by Svein Tunheim & Wyndreth Berginsdottir.

The Havamal sung by Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson, MP3 hosted by Gimle Kindred of Northeastern Connecticut.

Modern / Humorous

Erik the Awful by Ray Stevens - You can find lyrics online through Google, and with some luck an MP3 or YouTube video as well.

I am a Viking by Yngwie Malmsteen.

The Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin - Find the lyrics through Google.

    Music Websites 

Viking Age Music - Excellent article on the Viking Answer Lady, with sound examples of old instruments and an extensive biblio- und discography.

Viking music on Iceland
- From "A short history of Icelandic music to the beginning of the twentieth century" by Hjálmar H. Ragnarsson.

Anglo-Saxons Scops and Scopcraft: Origins, performance style, boasting, chronology.

Contemporary Heathen Music: A Review (2002) - by Jordsvin on his Norse Heathen Pages.

Music eGroups

Anglo Saxon Lyres
Yahoo group about the Anglo Saxon Lyre, its history, music, construction and archaeology,
including Germanic, European, and world Lyre/Leier/Hearpes in general, and the Baltic Bowed Lyres.

The Lyre
Open FaceBook group for any kind of lyre, or lyre-like instrument.

Music & Singing Resources

ChoralWiki, home of the Choral Public Domain Library, including sheet music.

Sheet Music Point is a digital archive of downloadable public domain sheet music.

International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP) - Free scores. Browse and search by composer, melody, genre, and instrumentation.

The LiederNet Archive - Collection of texts used in over 100,000 classical art songs.

The Contemplator's Folk Music Site - Irish, British and American Folk Music, with Lyrics, Midi, Tune Information
and History behind the folksongs and ballads. Use of their Midi on websites permitted under conditions.

Albums: Reconstructioned Old Music, Classical & Symphonic Music

Edvard Grieg  - "Olaf Tryggvason", "Bergliot" - In his unfinished drama "Olaf Tryggvason", Grieg (1843-1907) is the very first to use the word "Asatro" in a literary setting.
The scenes feature a blot with grand hymnical invocations of Aesir and Vanir. "Bergliot" recounts the heroic death of Einar Tambarskjelve, and his widow´s futile attempt to instigate
 revenge on his betrayer Harald Hårdråde. Virgin Classics, 1994. Booklet texts in Norwegian, English, French and German. Above link leads to the reissue of the CD which includes other works as well.

Erik Gustav Geijer - "Sånger" (Songs) - 28 Swedish songs from the 18th century, including 7 stanzas from Geijer´s famous "Vikingen" (The Viking).
Bilingual booklet. Musica Sveciae, Swedish Music Anthology, MSCD 519,1994 (Catharina Olsson, Per-Arne Wahlgren, Thomas Schuback).

"Fornnordiska klanger" (The Sounds of Prehistoric Scandinavia) by Cajsa S. Lund. The recording showcases the uses of reconstucted instruments in various ways.
Bones, gongs, drums, flutes from all regions of Scandinavia.  Extensive notes included. 41 tracks; tracks 24-41 are of instruments dating from the Stone Age to the Viking Age.

LP: Musica Sveciae MS 101. CD: Musica Sveciae MSCD 101. Stockholm 1987.

Jón Leifs - EDDA Part 1: Sköpun heimsins" (The Creation of the World). Music for symphony orchestra, chorus and vocal soloists. Iceland Symphony Orchestra BIS-SACD-1350.
In the "Saga Symphony" Jón Leifs musically portrays five characters of famous Icelandic sagas.
Baldr Op 34 is a musical and choreographic drama without words. Sound samples on Amazon.com.

Richard Wagner - Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung). Set of four operas based on figures and elements of Norse mythology,
notably the Old Norse Poetic Edda, the Volsunga Saga, and the Middle High German Nibelungenlied.

Sequentia - "Edda, An Icelandic Saga: Myths From Medieval Iceland", "The Rheingold Curse" by Benjamin Bagby & his ensemble.
The original Eddic poems chanted  in Old Icelandic, the pronounciation and style of performance reconstructed as far back as possible, based on Icelandic rímur.
String and wind instruments are sparingly used. Transports you back in time - haunting athmosphere, heroic and melancholy. My comment: "A must hear!"

"Svarta Jordens Sång" (Song of the Black Earth) by Per-Ulf Allmo and Styrbjörn Bergelt.
Book and CD. Music based on archaeological finds from Birka. Tullinge-Uppsala: All Win. 1995. ISBN 916303106X.

Viking Tones: I Dreamt me a Dream - Wessberg, Erik Axel, Mogens Friis, and Knud Albert Jepsen. Skalk CD 2.
The pieces on this CD are mainly based the music around the earliest piece of Scandinavian music we have, "I dreamt me a dream."
Other music as a basis for these reconstructions includes the 12th century "Hymn to St. Magnus" from the Orkney Islands;
a traditional piece from the 10th cenutury in Italy; King Richard the Lionheart's "Ja nuns hons pris", late 1100's, and a couple of
traditional Icelandic pieces based on de la Borde. The instruments used are all those known from the Viking Age:
the wooden lur as found in the Oseberg ship, 3-hole and 6-hole bone flute, York pan-pipes, Falste-fife, Västerby-horn, drum, and the Sutton-Hoo type lyre.

Albums: Neo-/Folk/Rock, Revival

Carved in Stone - "Hear the Voice". Mystic Folk. Solo project of German artist Ilona Jeschke (better known as Swawa). Her lyrics, in both German and English, are inspired by traditional Germanic beliefs.

Eliwagar - "And the ancestral pagan flame shall never fade", "Memories of the Warrior Will" - Pagan Folk from France with Nordic themes. English lyrics. 

Erik the Red´s Asatru-related Music - Legends, Dreams, and Myths - 64 minutes Lo-Fi Acoustic Guitar with Erik's singing. 18 tracks, 6 whereof deal directly with Odinist themes, and histories.

Hagalaz Runedance - "Volven", "Frigga´s Web", "Laguz - Within the Lake", "The Winds That Sang of  Midgard´s Fate", "Urd - That Which Was"
Female Folk/Goth/Rock band with Andrea "Nebel" Haugen (Nebelhexe) as singer. Inspiring, dedicated, harmonious, a bit melancholy. Themes from mythology & the Viking world.
My comment: "Volven" rocks ! "The Winds.." is good but very melancholy.

In Acht & Bann - "Auf Runenpfaden zwischen den Welten" Neofolk from Germany. German lyrics.

Kate Waterfield - "Runa Megin"
Rune chants, experimental vocal techniques, fused with elements of Scandinavian folk and contemporary electronic music.

Kjartan Olafsson: "Voluspa" - 4 titles, of which title 1 "Voluspa" is 29 min in length. Experimental, mysterious, for attentive listening.

Krauka - "Vikinga seidhur", "Stiklur", "Bylur", "Odhinn". Denish folk music with many references to Norse mythology.

LinaLaukaR - Nordic Folk / Industrial / Experimental side project of Angelica Segerbäck & Johan Svärdshammar of Waves under Water (“Serpents and the Tree” 2009, label Dance Macabre).
ision: to create heathen ritual music with a raw nordic atmosphere. Lyrics by pagan poet Markus Skogsberg.

Shamrock Duo - "Midgart - Music between Fire and Ice. Songs from the Edda"
One man & one woman band from Germany. English lyrics paraphrasing Eddic Lays, plus own takes on Norse mythology. Harp, tin whistle, synthesizer. My comment: Nice, simple charm, but not overwhelming.

Nebelung - "Vigil", "Reigen", "Mistelteinn", "Eisiges Licht 2". German.

Neun Welten -"Vergessene Pfade". Band from Germany.

Poeta Magica - "Edda" & "Edda Vol. II". German. Sound samples on Amazon.com.

Sturmpercht - German. Ghostly wights storming through the forest mountains...

Voxus Imp. "Idafeld" - German heathen band, German lyrics.Percussion driven neofolk/ neoclassical music that experimentally combines various musical elements. (2005 Re-release of the 1998 LP)

Waldteufel - "Rauhnacht", "Heimliches Deutschland", "Sanguis". German.

Wardruna - Norwegian band. "Runaljod" - a three CD trilogy. The first offers 12 tracks centering on the runes. Interview with Wardruna by Odroerir Journal.

Yggdrasil Kreis - "Runasöngr" German, 12 tracks (e.g. Runachant, Odin, Thor, Havamal, Wyrd.) and more albums.

Albums: Metal & Co.

Good overviews over the genre: Metal-archives.comWikipedia: Viking Metal

Adorned Brood - Black and Folk Metal

Amon Amarth - several albums, e.g. "Fate of Norns". Death Metal, deeply rooted in the mythology. Swedish band, English lyrics.

Bathory - "Hammerheart",  "Blood on Ice", "Nordland I", "Nordland  II", "Twilight of the Gods". Heavily into Nordic themes. Good unofficial fan page.

Black Messiah - Pagan Metal.

Borknagar - "Gods Of My World" and other albums. Viking/folk/progressive black-ish metal.

Burzum - "Hlidskjalf", "Daudi Baldrs", "Belus", "Fallen"

Danelaw (formerly: "Asatru") - Viking Heavy Metal from the UK.

Dominus Praelii - "Bastards and Killers". Heavy Metal.

Doomsword - "Resound the Horn", "Let Battle Commence" Italian Doom Metal, many viking themed songs, e.g 'Shores of Vinland'.

Einherjer -  Viking Metal. "Blot" (2004) , "Dragons of the North" 1996, "Odin owns ye all" 1998

Equilibrium - "Turis Fratyr"

Falkenbach - 'Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty' and other albums. Viking Metal band based in Germany. Their song "Havamal" on Youtube.

Forefather - "Summer´s Flame", "Steadfast". Anglo Saxon metal band, two brothers in Leatherhead, England. Heathen-influenced songs, e.g. one called "Theodish Belief".

XIV Dark Centuries - "Jul" and other CD's. Pagan Metal from Thuringia/Germany.

Glittertind  - "Evige Asetro".

Grave Digger - "Rheingold" and other albums - German metal, they sing in English. Concept album based on the "Rheingold" of Wagner´s Ring.

Heidevolk - "De Strijdlust is Geboren" & more. From the Netherlands.

Heimdall - "Lord of the Sky"- Heavy metal from Italy. The self-titled album is completely devoted to songs about, well... Heimdall! On MySpace.

Hel - "Falland Vörandi", concept album with 20 tracks about Balder´s death. "Orloeg" & other CD's

Helangar - "Evening in Valhalla"- Concept album about Ragnarok and some Norse tales, self-produced German metal.

Helfahrt - Pagan Metal from Munich/Germany.

Helheim - Norwegian Doom Metal with frequent Norse themes. Several albums, lyrics partially in English.

Helrunar  -  "Baldr Ok Iss", "Frostnacht"... Nordic Black Metal.

Kromlek - Epic Pagan/Viking Metal from Bavaria/Germany.

Leaves´s Eyes - "Vinland Saga" - Concept album about the Norsemen´s discovery of America.

Long Winter´s Stare - "The Tears of Odin´s Fallen" (Label: Dark Symphonies) Athmospheric Doom Metal.

Månegarm  - "Urminnes Hävd: The Forest Sessions", "Vargstenen", several other albums. Viking Metal band based in Sweden. Some lyrics and samples on their site.

Manowar - "Sign of the Hammer""The Sons Of Odin" (2006) - Repeated use of Norse mythology.
"Gods of War"
(2007)  - Epos about the Germanic Gods and their stories. Metal with touches of classical music.

Menhir - 5 Albums. German Heathen Metal band.

Mithotyn - former Swedish Viking/Black Metal band (1992-99). Discography.

Moonsorrow - Pagan Metal Band from Finland. Finnish lyrics, partially with Nordic themes.

Nomans Land - "The last Son of the Fjord", "Hammerfrost", "Raven Flight". Russian Viking Metal band. Lyrics about Gods, war, death and doom.

Odroerir - "Götterlieder", German Viking & Power Metal and Folk Rock elements blended; complex songwriting,
German lyrics culled from the Poetic Edda."Götterlieder II": 7 tracks with more retellings of the myths from the Eddas.

Othala - Denish industrial / black metal by two Asatruar. Denish lyrics on site. Recurrent use of Norse mythology.
Midnats Minder, Under Sol og Måne, Når Alting Er Glemt. On MySpace.

Rebellion - "The Sagas of Iceland". By members of Grave Digger. Concept album about the sagas.

SagenToeter - "Prayers to Othinn"

Skaldenkraft - "Harigasti Teiwai"(2005). 3 tracks. German solo project, lyrics and samples online.

Sólstafir - Viking Metal from Reykjavík. "Til Valhallar" has the most references to the Norse, the other albums less.

Sonnwin  - "Fehu". German Neofolk / Neoclassic.

Stormwarrior - "Odens Krigare", "Stormwarrior", "Northern Rage", "Heading Northe", "Heathen Warrior"  
"Northern Rage" - Concept album about Vikings and their history. Fast Melodic Metal by Kai Hansen (of Helloween/GammaRay) who sings and plays several tracks.

Svartsot - "Ravnenes Saga". Folk Metal.

Therion - "Secret of the Runes" - Both female and male operatic vocals, lots of different instruments, many classical touches. Each song is based on one of the nine worlds.
Therion´s older stuff is more black metal/death metal, and the newer more like dark opera with Norse and Atlantean themes.

Thrudvangar - "Zwischen Asgard und Midgard", "Walhall", "Durch Blut und Eis", "Ahnethron". German.

Thyrfing - Swedish Viking Metal band. Albums "Thyrfing", "Urkraft", "Valrd Galga", "Hels Vite", "Farsotstider", "Vansinnesvisor", "Hednaland", available on Amazon. Lyrics in Swedish.

Turisas - "The Varangian Way" Epic Viking Metal/ Finnish Folk.

Tyr - "Eric the Red" , "How far to Asgard", "By the Light of the Northern Star", "Land", "The Lay of Thrym"
This band is from the Faroe Isles and is a mixture of Viking Metal, Folk and Progressive Rock. Heavy metal remakes of traditional Faroese folk ballads, as well as own songs in English about living the lore. On MySpace.

Ulvhedin - Heroic pagan/viking metal from Norway. "Pagan Manifest"

Unleashed - Swedish death metal band with Nordic themes. "As Yggdrasil Trembles", "Warrior", "Victory", "Midvinterblot", and other albums.

Volgrind - Heathen band (Ambient / Black Metal / Trance). On YouTube.

Windrider - Epic Viking Metal from the UK

Wulfgar - "With Gods and Legends Unite", "Midgardian Metal". Viking metal. 

Licensed from Wikimedia Commons:
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