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Privacy Statement / Datenschutzhinweise

This site is hosted in Europe (EU) and managed in Germany.
In compliance with the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) = Datenschutz-Grundverordnung  (DSGVO),
which since 2018 requires this by law, the following information is provided to explain
- who is the responsible contact person,
- which personal information and data are collected and stored when you access this website or contact me,
- what legal purpose this serves,
- where and how long data are stored,
- how their safety is ensured,
- whether they are shared with third parties,
- how you can request access, updating or removal of your data and content
- how changes to this privacy statement are handled.
The statements from "Terms of Use" also apply to this Privacy Statement.

Contact person
is me, Michaela Macha, full address on Contact, Site Notice, most easily contacted by email: aslaugspoetry[at]yahoo.co.uk .

Collection of personal information by me

When you contact me in relation to this website and its purpose, e.g. send an email with a submission,
or if I have contacted you in this relation, I store - exclusively offline - information about you that is helpful or necessary for me to be able to, currently and in the future,
- establish contact to you e.g. to notify you of changes in this privacy statement
- which helps identify you as author of the submitted work, protecting your copyright and related author's rights
- and which helps me prove that you have indeed given me lawful permission to use your work, when you did so, and under which terms and credits.
The legality of these purposes is asserted according to
Art. 6 GDPR.
(I need to keep track of over 2.000 poems here which I have not written myself, as there's no way I can keep all this in my head.)

Information may include your legal name, pen name/pseudonym(s), email address(es);
information about how to contact you via the internet, e.g. the URL of your blog, website, FaceBook page and similar;
submissions you sent to me or granted me use of; any dates or timestamps in this context;
very rarely, as I usually do not know this, your physical address, date of birth, or telephone number.

This information is not used for any other purpose, is never shared with any third parties on- or offline, unless I have your express permission to share it,
and is stored offline on my private computer, including a physical backup.
Any content of our correspondence is generally treated as private and confidential between you and me.

Since this website is intended to stay available indefinitely, it may come to pass that I need to pass this (indefinitely) stored information
on to designated person(s) resp. my legal heir when I am no longer able to manage this site personally for any reason, death being one of them.
The change of person(s) responsible will reflect in the Privacy Statement and the Site Notice.
Best provisions will be made to ensure that these privacy conditions, site policy and terms of use are continued without major changes.

You may at any time inquire which, if any, information on you is stored.
You may at any time request a change or removal of your work(s), text, title, (pen) name, notes, info, links, files, artwork, or other contribution, from this site.
You may similarly request removal of your offline data, in which I case I will remove what I can excepting data absolutely necessary
to ensure the above stated, legal purposes, for as long as necessary for those purposes.
I will try to comply to requests in as timely a fashion as possible.
Conversely, I give no warranties that information I have stored in the past is kept in the future. In case of data loss, it may become irrretrievable.

Collection of anonymized information by the webhost

My webhost is 1&1 IONOS and, according to their information, collects and stores data by site visitors which are not personal as they are immediately anonymized:
- referrers (previously visited sites)
- requested site or file (e.g. www.odins-gift/faq.htm)
- browser type and version (Firefox, Chrome...)
- operating system (Windows, Linux...)
- type of appliance (PC, mobile, tablet..)
- time of site access
- IP adress in anonymized form (only used for determining the place of access)

Additionally, data are processed by WebAnalytics by pixel or logfile. Tracking and logging are employed, but no cookies.
These data are collected for the legal purposes of ensuring the safety, stability, and quality of the webhost's service, and for statistical analysis.
Data are stored for 8 weeks. They are not shared with third parties. There is no data transfer to third countries outside the EU.

Data transfer, as of now, is unencrypted. An SSL certificate and https will be standard after the migration to Joomla. Due to technical issues with Frontpage 2003,
it is at the moment not feasible for me to do this now. This site is still a HTML dinosaur and does NOT use cookies, apps, widgets, API, share buttons, plugins, or counters.
Apart from what the webhost does, I employ no software for tracking or analysis.
This site does not have any interface where personal data could be entered/typed, e.g. no login, contact form, or guest book.
These conditions are equally valid for visitors of any age, whether adults or minors. I do not knowingly collect or store any personal information from children.
Parental responsibility and duty of supervision apply.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is periodically evaluated in light of changing practices, technology and legal requirements. As a result, it is updated from time to time.
Any changes are published here. In case of significant changes, authors are notified at least 30 days prior to the changes taking effect, provided valid contact information is available.
What constitutes a significant change is at the discretion of the webmaster. Please feel free to update your contact information anytime e.g. by sending me an email.


Image Copyright : Martin Rettenberger