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~ Poetry by me ~

Tears in the Ocean                   Tears in the Ocean MP3

I hardly noticed when he was going,
I didnŽt think to say him goodbye.
I missed my chance on that day, little knowing
He would not return and IŽd never know why.

I hid at my home, hid my sorrow and rage,
I buried my grieving ever so deep;
But love freed my feelings and feet from their cage:
I set out to search him, and started to weep.

My tears in the ocean turned amber and gold,
My tears at the Tree were filling the Well;
My tears in the field made the flowers unfold,
My tears at the river were flowing to Hel.

I wandered the wastelands, I searched far and near,
As falcon I flew over mountains and hill,
From daybreak to nightfall and year after year,
And in all my dreams I am searching him still.

My tears in the ocean...

I roamed through the realms of the quick and the dead,
I searched on the other side of the sky;
No place in Nine Worlds where I did not tread,
And wheresoever I went, I did cry.

My tears in the winter turned crystals of ice,
My tears in the night, seven stars for the sea.
My tears fell as diamonds, a find for the wise;
My tears they brought comfort to any but me.

In Midgard I talked to the daughters of men,
To widows and orphans and all who have lost;
In memories, their loved ones were living again,
Their songs were burning like fires in frost.

The wyrd of all worlds and all wights is to perish,
I wept for the fate of each man and each god.
I wept for all we hold dear and we cherish,
But most of all, I wept for my Od.

I forget how he smelled, I forget how he smiled,
But I shall always remember our love.
I seek for his charm in the eyes of our child,
And I hear his voice in the sound of her laugh.

My tears in the ocean...

© Michaela Macha

License: This poem may be freely distributed, provided it remains
unchanged, including the copyright notice and this License:

This work by Michaela Macha (www.odins-gift.com) is licensed
under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives License.