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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

You May Dance on my Grave

You may dance on my grave,
sing merry songs,
play tunes of joy.
The eyes of sorrow are closing.

I will laugh to you from the air,
from the wise tree, from the grasses,
and my smile will shine for you
from the newly dug earth.

Yes. I love both this world and the other. 
Yes, I love the roundness of my world.
Death is this life, that flows in each
stone, each lake and every bird,
in every smile and all tears,
in every beetle and all deer,

in every thought you raise
high over the narrow world of the body,
into the womb of the soil, which bears
all of us, every minute, and does
hold all in her good arms.

Dan Nielsen          Solmaanen.dk

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