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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


You, Allfather

You breathed life into me
You taught me to stand strong
You taught me to be patient
You taught me compassion and discernment
You gave me a path to walk
You taught me knowledge through pain
You taught me holiness in silence
You taught me openness to instruction
You taught me to embrace the Runes
You blessed me
You taught me my purpose
You taught me magic
You taught me to claim myself
You taught me to honor my Ancestors
May I never say
“I was never blessed!”
May I never say
“You are not with me!”
May I never say
“I do not know you!”
For all the pain
For all the lessons
For all the failures
For all the successes
You have always been there
Even if I had not the eyes to see You
Or the ears to hear Your Voice
Hail to You, Allfather!

© Sarenth Odinsson

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