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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Ygg - You Terrifyer!
Ygg - You are the terror!
Ygg - You rush through my body,
and all my hairs stand on end.

Ygg - and the whole tree becomes a lightning flash!
Ygg - you are lightning! You race
from feet through the vertebrae
to the head, and out to the world!

Ygg - terror, when the world comes charging from everywhere
and cumulates in my head and back,
and through the feet flows into the earth,
the earth which I love!

Terror, Terror!
Ygg! Odin! You are the Terror!
Because I die, vanish -
and clarity burns every thought away.

Denish Original "Ygg": Dan Nielsen    Solmaanen.dk
Translation to English: Michaela Macha

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