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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Wrap Me Up in Blue

Allfather I have seen you travelling through the worlds.
Hat dipped down over lost eye; your words won't be ignored.

Greybeard you have led me along the rainbow's way.
What there would you teach me; what is left to say?

Greedy and Ravenous; wolves plod at your side.
Thought and Memory; soar the world so wide.

Grimnir what did you gain upon that windy tree?
Runes and mighty songs; nine nights of misery.

And what do you see peering through the well?
Peering through the world within beyond the muddied veil.

Did drinking quench your thirst; fill the well within?
Was that draught of wisdom all you wanted to win?

And as I meet you here along the rainbow's way;
I finally recognize your face and your beard so grey.

Nine nights times nine; I have wandered and have sought.
The wyrd of my life entwined and tangled in the Valknot.

I have swung upon the tree in the gusty gale.
And for the runes did I reach; but fearing....I did fail.

In the quest for wisdom; I was pierced by your spear.
And hung there dripping blood; soaked by my own tears.

And now I stand before you; as I have always been.
Seeking still the wisdom; I so long fought to win.

And when this all is over; and the sacrifice is due.
Ride to me upon the storm; and wrap me up in blue.

2005 Matilda Marks

Image: Artist unknown.

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