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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Your mind knows my mind,
The tricks it plays on me,
The broken places,
The little traps I set for myself--
Twisted labyrinths from which I would never escape
Without You to guide me,
The bracing wind of Your inspiration
Clearing away the cobwebs, the dust, the tired mental loops,
Finding new pathways.

Your heart knows my heart,
The agony and the triumph,
The pettiness and the longing,
Each jealousy, each fear, each moment of doubt
Is like a tiny bird in Your hand,
Fully known, fully accepted, fully loved,
Safe and protected in the eye of Your storm.
There is sweetness in Your frenzy,
Tenderness in Your fury,
Though You reserve that for a select few.

Your soul knows my soul,
The wild joy of the hunt,
Wind whipping through the trees as we ride,
The fierce abandon of the wolf
Singing to the skies,
The honeyed intoxication
Of poetry, of mead, of sex, of death,
The cold revealing light of the stars
In the velvet black sky.
All of these, we share,
My desires mirroring Your own.
How did this happen?
What divine piece of Yourself
Did You sever to create me?

And oh, Odin, my God,
All of this wisdom was won
Without the sacrifice of an eye, or a life, or a love.
No Tree to be Your gallows,
But only my arms, holding You near,
Your Valkyrie, shielding You
From the storm that rages
In Your own wild heart.

Laure Lynch     
Gate of the Slain     Odhroerir Fellowship

Author of Odhroerir: Nine Devotional Tales of Odin's Journeys
and Water from the Well And Other Wyrd Tales of Odin

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