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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Winter's Essence
An Ode To Skadi

Snowflakes falling in my hair,
snow piles rapidly upon the ground--
Crunching solidly beneath my feet,
white, soft as down from the breast of a goose,
floating every which way it seems--
Stick your tongue out catch a fat flake or two,
you know that is exactly what the child inside
is yelling out for you to do--

Your inner child is calling forth,
"Take time out of your busy day,
let me out I want to dance,
to frolic, to run about madly,
make snow forts, snowmen and women,
heck whole families!
I want to lie in the snow, roll about,
I want to scream, to sing, to shout!
I want to make snow angels,
I want it all right now!
Let me out, LET ME OUT!"

White has the scenery been painted,
sculpted into statuary only seen
on the rarest of days--

Trees once bare of leaves become,
something other than they have been--
No longer bare, pared down to essentials,
they are bowed beneath a wedding veil
that has been gracefully applied by the hand of nature.
What once was flat earth has become concave
in places, has burrows, mounds, she has in essence
been given depth and berth.
The shadows that cling do so in an ever loving way,
caressing lightly every nook and cranny
into which they make their way...

Up on the mountain top you can see Skadi
as she straps the skis upon her feet,
fleet is she upon the snow, graceful as a swan
she alights, the beauty of thought in action
her body moving as if in flight--

Skadi, huntress, you thrive upon the winter winds--
Joy everlasting as you trek through the vast wildness
that becomes you so well, snow your ever present veil--
Blazing, wherever you go, a new and glorious trail--

I honor you this glorious day,
I give you gratitude for passing through
in your questing way--
Go you hence, take joy of life!
Be filled with all the vastness
with which the world is so teaming--

Hail Skadi!
Hail to thee!

© Ayla Wolffe

* Wolffe's Ways - Aylas former Blog * Children of Eir - Support for Disabled Folk * Ayla can be found on Facebook

Image: Fur Coat V by *Eirian-stock. Used according to artist's license.

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