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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Hail to the Disir! Mystic Mothers of Spae-sight,
All richly arrayed, in shimmering Winter-white.

Greetings to the Wise-Women! Our Ladies of Life,
Regal in Their key-roles, as Maid, Mother, and Wife.

Kindly Kinswomen, our own Weaving anon aid,
The EI-endless Web of Wyrd, in the Ur-Well laid.

Hail to the Alfar! Doughty Defender's of Kin,
All held in high Esteem, as fine Honor-honed Men.

Greetings to the Brave and Bold! Our Warriors of Might,
Fare forth from Valhalla, unite with us this Night.

Courageous Kinsmen, our own Wending anon aid,
The EI-endless Path of Past, in the Ur-Well laid.

Hail to our Elder-Kin! Their erstwhile Ways shall Guide,
Our Mentors of Merit, fill us with Heartfelt pride.

We offer a warm Welcome, with our Mead and feast-Meal,
Sig-Sign to All Ancestors, Wishing us good Weal!

Come Weave and Wend with us, in our Spiral Sib's reel,
Thus through Winter Wih-Nights, Bonds of Birth we shall seal!

Hail to the Disir! Hail to the Alfar as well!
Hear the Honor-praise, as the Sagas we retell.

Stories of Strength and Skill, as well as Deeds untold,
All of our Worthy Kin, we will Hallow and Hold.

Through all Days and all Ways, Forever it Shall Be,
Within the Ur-Well laid, within Har's Holy Tree!

© Rhonda Turner

By author´s special permission, may be freely shared for private, non-commercial purposes, 
as long as it remains intact and this copyright notice is included.

Anon--used in the archaic sense of at once.
Doughty--Valiant, brave.
EI--Pertaining to the Eihwaz rune, which as part of its essence is representative of Yggdrasill and as such expresses the evergreen quality of eternity--the fire within that endures even within the winter state of death.
Ur--Used as a prefix to indicate orgininal as well as pertaining to the Uruz rune which contains the concept of primal patterning.

Rune information from "Futhark" by Edred Thorsson

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