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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Where You Wander

Where You wander, I will follow.
When You are weary, I will be your comfort.
When You hunger, I shall be Your sustenance.
Devour me, Whisperer of secrets.
You are the beating of my heart,
the rise and fall of my very life“s blood.
You are all that entices, all that ensnares.
Envelop me, Gangleri.
You are the shattering silence
in which I hear Your cry.
You are the encompassing darkness,
in which I am burned by Your light.
You are the sturdy roots of the Tree,
and I its blossoming fruit.
You are the blade, and I the sheath.
You are the spear, and I the wound.
You are the hunter and I the prey.
You are the fire, and I am the wood.
You are the rider, and I the willing steed.
You are the fertile earth and I am the seed.
Yours is the hunger, mine the need.
Pierce my, Ošinn.

© Galina Krasskova  

From: The Whisperings of Woden

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