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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


When I Look at You

When I look at You
I see a woman in all Her primal glory
The glass blue eyes that hold within them
A capacity for ice cold rage
That is so much more dangerous
Than the heat of fire

When I look at You
I see a daughter in mourning for Her lost father
Someone who yearns for the lands She hails from
For the people She calls home
Yet embraces still the new family
That She now calls her own

When I look at You
I see the feared Huntress
Who stalks Her prey, both two-legged and four
With a single-minded purpose
And a deadly intent
That no one can escape from

When I look at You
I see a proud giantess
The embodiment of winter
The source of menīs fears
But despite that fear is Someone
We canīt turn away from

Đ Tracy Nichols

Published in "The Huntress Within: Finding Skadhi" as Isa Frostdottir.

More books by Tracy on Lulu.com


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