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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


What the Skull Said

Someone loved me.
She combed my hair and tied it in a perfect knot.
She wrapped me in soft cloth
to protect me from the bog.
That was a long time ago.
For two thousand years, I lay there,
with only other ghosts for company.
The bog drained away and I sat alone,
listening to the cattle graze.
The light was a shock at first,
when they took me from my dark grave.
I still don't understand them.
What kind of men keep a skull in a glass case?
They stare at me and I stare back at them.
I wish I were in the earth again.
I can understand worms.
They live and die in the earth
as men live and die on the earth.
I have forgotten what it's like to be loved.
It's a long time since anyone combed my hair.


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