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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

What is Holy ?

The webster sees her goddess in the weaving rooms, and holds sacred her simple spindle.
The warrior sees his god in the din of battle, and in the shining swords on the benches.
The farmer worships the fertile field, and gives the ground gifts of corn cake.
The traveller honours the high heavens, that fire and ice may not harm him.
The seafarer bribes the waves with gold, and trusts his life to his sea steed.
The folk make gifts to the fair forest, and to the elven halls of stone.
The revellers sing praise to the mead horn, and the glutton delights in his food
The merchant glorifies in gold treasures, but loves his wife more than coin.
The goatherd works by the thunderer's beasts, the harsh hilltops are his temple.
My friends, the whole Earth is holy.

Thorskegga Thorn

Thorshof     Heathens for Progress


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