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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

What Did You Whisper?

What did you whisper in his ear
as he lay upon the funeral pyre?
What words did his spirit hear
before the lighting of the fire?

And did a tear reach your eye
as you gazed upon your son?
Did something within you die
at what could not be undone?

I can see your hardened hand
brush away wisps of gold.
I can see the tear descend
down your face....oh so old.

Did you know what must be
and what must come to pass?
In darkest night did you see
those hours to be his last?

Was his death a sacrifice
that willingly you paid?
Or was it too high a price
for the plans you have laid?

When the twilight for you comes
and Fenrir turns the skies to gray;
When the wolf your doom becomes
will you remember this day?

When you whispered to your son
words that he would bear to Hel.
Upon that road so lonesome;
that road that none may ever tell.

For the hope of the Aesir
awaits rebirth at twilight's end.
Was this message in the whisper
breathed gentle on the wind?

2005 Matilda Marks

Image: Giovanni Caselli

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