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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Do not come to me unless you are prepared to burn.
Do not come to me and then complain
the process hurts, or that you have been changed, that nothing seems the same.
Do not come to me in mourning for what has been lost,
what has been sacrificed, before you even knew it was you at stake in this game.
I have nothing to give you but the fire.
Loki ate my heart long ago at Woden’s wish.
It was too small a hall to hold the bliss He wished to bring,
bliss awash in terror.
So do not come to me decrying your lost comfort.
Mine was turned to ash long ago.
Now, I can love only as HE loves:

I can love only as the flame loves the wood it so hungrily consumes,
The predator the prey it ravenously devours.
I can love only as a bullet loves the flesh and bone it shatters,
or death the life he must take.
I am too much like Him now
to grant you any quarter.

Here you walk on holy ground.
Here passion has its price
and every assignation lies drenched in danger.
For He is danger. Make no mistake.
And He commands my flesh, He lurks behind my eyes,
He waits to strike like a serpent coiled, poised to kill around the roots
of the most ancient of Trees.
He waits for the moment when His frenzied supplicants forget their fear
and begging for the ecstasy only He can bring, step willingly into the flame.

© Galina Krasskova

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