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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



I am a wanderer in the world
Shadow of a distant dream
Rootless and boundless,
I'm exactly what I seem

Thought and Memory's master
Every poet's inspiring friend
My hall will be many soldiers'
Destination in the end

I am sacrifice and strength
Ever in strife's company
Walking the line between
Madness and ecstasy

I grant wisdom and vision
Only to those willing to pay
The high price I ask of all
who would follow me on my way

I am fury and passion
To those who call my name
Many illusions disguise me
I change yet am the same

Hunter, sage and seeker
Both loved and often feared
I am active where I'm needed
I know all the worlds' wyrd

I am honor and doom
For those who to me have sworn
Challenge, testing and hardship
For those who drink from my horn

Wish-granter and victory giver
Powerful gifts - mine to bestow
Shaman, magician, and traveler
I go wherever I must go

I am a wanderer in the world
Lord, beggar, and ferryman
The end is ever coming
And I've much to do before then....

M C Daimler

Artist unknown, at least to me. If you know the artist, please mail me - thanks!

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