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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


By author´s special permission, may be freely shared for private, 
non-commercial purposes, as long as it remains intact 
and this copyright notice is included.


Walburga Wise Women
On this Moonlit May-eve,  with Night's star-frock so fine,
We wait for Walburga,  we await those of our line.
Our Kinswomen, ever with us, ever the same,
All are held in high regard,  Some we now will name.
Hail to Walburga!  The White Goddess of the West,
An Excellent Escort,  for our Mystical Quest.
Hail to Heidh!  The Shining One,  She of wise Seidh rede,
The thrice Torch-born Goddess,  Her light shall Ever lead.
Hail to Gna!  Towering through All-Worlds She will fare,
 With Hoof-Tosser Gna wends,  over Water and Air.
Hail to Frau Holda!  Ay the Beautiful and Bright,
High Holy Wise Woman,  She shall be Hailed and Hight.
Hail to Heithrun!  The Wild Goddess of Ardent-ways,
Astride Her goat She guides us,  this Night and through All days.
Hail to Lofn!  She who Permits Passion to Betide,
Good and Kindly Goddess,  join our May-eve's Moon-ride.
Hail to the Disir!  Our Erstwhile Eddas of Weal,
Wend with us this Wih-Night,   Bonds of Birth we shall Seal.
Hail to the Valkyries!  Sword and Shield Maids All,
Ride the Roads from Valhalla,  Hear and Heed our Call.
Walburga Wise Women,  Meet with us this May-eve,
A Tapestry of Time,  of Past/Present we shall weave.
Hear Thy younger Kin's call,  to Merge with Thy Seidh-might,
Then dance We the Dances,  of Desire and Delight.
Thereby shall We soar,  on Steeds of Tree, Boar or Goats,
Through the wind We wing,  in Our Falcon-feather coats.
On Stallions of Strength,  We wend o'er the star-filled Sky,
Astride Eagles and Ravens,  We blissfully shall fly.
Yearning and yielding,  with Our connective Clear-sight,
 We again reach Rapture,  by the flickering Firelight.
Revealed are shadowed Goddess-Shapes,  All alight with lust,
Knowing that Ever and Anon,  join We will, We must.
Our Dance of the Divine,  the Erotic Rhythmic Ride,
For within Urth’s Well We Dwell,  within Ygg’s Tree We Bide.

Walburga Wise Women, Weave with Us throughout All Days,
Leading so We May Learn,  Mystical Walburga Ways!
© Rhonda Turner
Anon--The archaic meaning of at once or forthwith
Erstwhile--Long ago
Hight--Called or named
Walburga--Possibly derived from the German words wald-burg-- "forest fortress" or "forest castle"


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