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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Freya when you called, I heard you
Fear kept me trapped but you waited
With slow baby steps I inched forward
Patient as a cat in a sun beam you waited

Years past, bright summer of my youth
Rushing forward more swiftly than I knew
Fear, always fear taunted me, held my soul lifeless
You sang to me and kept me whole, waiting.

Gifts you gave me to protect and guide
Gifts of the spirit and the bounty of the harvest
Nurturing heart and muse with insight and sorrow
And still you waited.

A warrior's life is never easy you said
I in my innocent denial said "but I am no warrior"
The battlefield was littered with broken promises and broken dreams
Healing from inside out, and in your hall you waited.

Summer now turning to fall
Bright colored leaves form a brilliant canvas
Circles completed, circles yet beginning
The horn calls and now I take up my spear and follow

The way ahead is shrouded in mist
I, on unsteady feet unused to armor step into the fog
Ears straining to every sound as I adjust to the armor's protection
Weighty and unfamiliar yet vaguely as if in a dream, recalled.

Your beloved felines, constant reminders of your everyday presence
Firth and friendships building a bridge
As sweet honey flows from horn to horn
I lift mine in praise of your calling

Beloved Lady, Seer and Warrior
Drink deeply of life's waters
Tasting the fruits of passion
And the bitterness of loss

I am glad you waited. Hail Freya!

Lori Brown-Scheel


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