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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



I lie here
On this blood soaked field
Of battle

No life remains
No breath sighs
No heart beats

I am waiting

I know they come
The wind from their
Steedsí wings
Stirs my hair
My clothes

I am waiting

Sure I will be next
To know the touch
The rise
To join the feast
To be lifted for the flight
Of final victory

Yet I am waiting

The Valkyries come for my
Fallen comrades
Each one brave
Each one found
Still I lie

The Gods do not come
All chosen
All but me
Even Hel has forgotten
I lie here

I scream within
My desperate pleas
I lived with honor!
I fought with fury!
I died with courage!
No heads turn
To me
The warrior left to lie


© Julie Wolfsong

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