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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Void of Course

What does Mani do when the moon goes void-of course?

Does He hide His lovely face in the lustrous curtain of His hair?

Does He calculate and plan, with heavenly maps and astrolabes,
Whispering charms to the stars as they move from sign to sign?

Does He recline, too beautiful for the eye to behold
In some stately pleasure dome known only to the Gods?

Or does He work some fabulous alchemy,
Creating the moon anew
From the leaden dross of unrealized dreams?

Each month through days in triplicate
He keeps His own counsel,His own shadowed ways.
Let us praise Him;

For He is vast, His power mighty,
And He has many secrets
Which even the stars dare not know.

Galina Krasskova 

Author's note: Many thanks to Mordant Carnivale for line two.

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