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~ By Courtesy of Others ~




She comes to me with a smile
Caressing my face and neck
She lays me down and mounts me
I am transformed
Soaring now through the sky
She leans into my neck
Hugging tightly she whispers
Her songs into my ear
Lif and Lifthrasir I see
Stepping out from the mighty tree
Elder songs carried forth
A sleeping folk awake again
Grassy fields flower strewn
The mother of all bearing gift
The gods I see assembled too
Walls and halls rising up
Vidar and Vali
Magni and Modi
Baldur and Hod
Hoenir reads staves aright
A Great Hof raised in honor
The elder stories are told
Memory awakens
Might and main of old
One comes now
Striding across the fields
Making way
To the home of the gods
Spear in hand
Hat pulled low
Above, the ravens sing


Jeff Wolf


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