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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Verboten View

Perched upon the forbidden seat
His gaze pierces the fabric of the universe
Revealing and illuminating
The wonders of the Nine Worlds
Oh, what magnificent sights
He beholds!
But what, you may ask,
Doth take his breath away?
Beauty is often found in the most peculiar places
And so it is That Lord Freyr’s gaze
Falls upon Jotunheim
But what in this unforgiving, freezing landscape
Could awake the wonderment of the Wise Van?
Nothing less than the fairest maiden in the multiverse
A sight to behold she must be, this Gerda,
to draw the attention of
This wise and esteemed Lord of the Van,
And indeed she is.
A Jotunsdottir she may be,
Yet in her fair features
He sees her destiny, her true potential;
Her Emerald eyes are windows to a lush and fecund world
And all its living creatures
Her shining ivory skin
Betrays her purity of heart.
Ash-golden hair flows down her shoulders
Promising a bountiful harvest for all.
But it is none of these things that grabs His heart
It is her smile
A more glorious sight there is not in the Nine Worlds!
The Alf Lord’s heart nearly falters
At the very sight
The world could rise and set on this woman’s smile alone
He decides
She is the summerland
Hidden in a world of ice
Budding amidst ruin and decay
She is the rarest, most precious of flowers
The Lord of the Forest is smitten
In all His great deeds and travels
He has never seen such a maiden
He is in love
But Freyr’s burning exuberance turns to ice in His chest
As he realizes despite His longing and desire for her
That they could never be
For the joining of an Aes and the daughter of Jotun
Is Verboten
It is as if the deepest abyss has swallowed the Lord of Light
For this rarest of treasures
Is not His to be had.

© Gullin Freyrson

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