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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Never have I forgotten
What They took from me
Even as They welcomed me
As one of Their own

I worshipped My sire, you see
And yes He had his faults
And perhaps He brought His death upon Himself
In His arrogance and blind greed
But He was still My Kin, and weregild was due

I armored Myself and marched to the gate of the Golden City
A lone Woman, armed with bow and spear
Shaking in My fury, eyes hardened to chips of ice
As I watched My Father´s murderers tremble
in Their awe and horror
And I demanded restitution
with nary a shake betraying My own nervousness

Oh They paid Me with good coin
A Husband, though not the One I had in mind
And My first gut-splitting laugh in untold millennia
Along with a night of passion with He
whom I truly thought was sorry

But the Sea Farer They gave Me detested My mountains
And I could not abide the salt air of the ocean
And so having My heart shattered again,
though Our split was on good terms
My anger, never truly gone, rekindled

Perhaps it was a bit overdone, hanging the serpent
And adding insult to injury for Laufey´s Son
But I got satisfaction from it
And I feel no guilt or shame from it

For I am the Huntress, the White Wolf
Of Vengeance, and Vengeance knows no mercy
It only serves to satisfy the wronged, the victimized
In this case My Father and I, and I refuse to be a victim

I feel no regrets, no shame at My anger
Too many women are taught to do so
To be civilized, but I am as much Mountain Maid,
Child of the Wilderness as Aesir Bride,
Darling of the Golden Land,
And they´ll just have to deal with it

© Tracy Nichols

Published in "The Huntress Within: Finding Skadhi" as Isa Frostdottir.

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