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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Horses thunder in the frosty moonlight,
Horses gather on the bright icy plain
Star-coat we name them, Star-in-the night,
Silver-back and Silver-in-the-rain;
Horses of men, glittering with might.

She comes, the shining maiden fierce and tall
Chooser-of-the-slain is her honored name,
Battle maiden dwelling in Odinís hall,
Polished is her armor as flame;
The horses hear her ringing call.

Galloping, frothing, over the plain they run;
Swiftly the Valkyrie, the maiden proud,
Chooses a fierce horse, Courser-past-the-sun,
Strong foaming horse, brave, white-browed;
Bright horse and fire-maid leap as one.

Near the ground she sweeps, over hard white snow
Sibyl, we call her, Woman-who-sees-all-things,
Dread voice descending on homesteads below,
Crying what the cold dawn will bring;
To silver vaulted hall let us go.

Crimson fields of war the Valkyrie sees,
Galloping her steed swift and silver and white;
Keen shining Death-seeker, come solemnly,
Choose us in the fierce icy moonlight,
The grim warriors fighting nobly.

© Cameron La Follette

- License: This poem may be freely distributed, provided
it remains unchanged, including copyright notice and this License -

Cameron La Follette`s book Anamchara - Traditional poetry on themes of
Northwest nature, mythology and the Celtic world.

Image: © Johnathon Earl Bowser, www.johnathonart.com, used by permission.

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