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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Ullr: Great God Of Hunters

Aesir God, son of Golden - Haired Sif,
And stepson of the Mighty Thor.
You search for game from mountain cliff,
and through the thickest forest floor.

Ullr, great warrior God of the shield,
Hunting on hilltops mounted on skis.
In Your hands a great bow You wield.
Arrows You shoot with practiced ease.

Great God of Hunters, and archer supreme,
Elk, boar, and reindeer are Your game.
Shooting from skiis, or in mid - stream,
Ullr Your skills have won You fair fame.

Ullr we invoke You for help in a duel,
And take a warrior's oath on Your ring.
From Your hall in Ydalir You rule.
Here in Midgard Your praise we sing !

Glenn Bergen 2011

A Follower Of  The Old Ways

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