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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


               Uller Bede

Old Father glides            across the snows
              bone shoes a gleaming
sends sharp piercers       to redden pelts
                meat for the larder
on the High Seat             Eldest is Chief
              Friend Har is roaming
Witness to Oaths            Judge to Duels
              and Forelorn Battle
Snow Sender sends        Light Bearer brings
                Yule Lord gifts us
Balder Friend laughs       spirits to raise
                Helheim is mirkless
Shield Sailor speeds       across the froth
               whaleway to conquer
Plague Breaker breaks   Sight Seer sits
                Wisdom to gather
Yew Lord, Bow God     Fur Wearer, Os
               Uller the Unknown
Thor Fosterson              Skadi Husband
                Father to Teiwaz
God you may be            or Giant Kin
             perhaps something else
and I, your son               will Honor give
                respect to render

Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr, Fall Turning 1999

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Image: Olaus Magnus, "Historia de gentibus septentrionalibus" (1555). Public Domain

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