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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


By author´s special permission, may be freely shared for private,  non-commercial purposes, 
as long as it remains intact  and this copyright notice is included.

The Wild Hunt  

The darkest Holy hours,  of December's dim lit days,
Are Hel-blue's covering cloak,  for the Wild Hunt's forays.

'Tis that time of year,  when will and sacred senses peak,
Ur-gifts of our center-Self,  urge us to search and seek.

Hear, Taste, Touch, and Smell,  opening wide, thereby truly See,
As did once our Ancestors,  by Birthright so shall we.

Taste the tang within the Wind,  of the Moon's leading light,
Smell the sweet Earth essence,  savor the scent of Her might.

Touch the echoing Energy,  as Ye it surrounds,
Within, without, and All around,  EI-awesomely it abounds.

Hear the wild Wolves howling,  Hear the hunting Windhounds bay,
Their refrain resounds throughout the Night,  Bar Not Our Way!

See within sleep deep Dream-sight,  of Present and of Past,
Our own Norns reveal weal or woe,  of Lots that are cast.

Come or not,  when the Wind's wailing beckons to Their side,
Of the Furious frenzy,  of Odh's orgasmic ride.

Stay within or not,  as the Fury-Host hurries by,
In Their wake hark and hear,  yearning Earth's ecstatic cry.

Join or not this Yule,  when Ur-Wolves fare steadfastly forth,
Once more as before,  Bright Beacons of the hidden North.

As the Vargr-Ve passes by,  best wishes some will send,
Others opt as wayfarers,  and with the Hunt shall wend.

Both be a Necessity,  'tis our Core and our Key,
Well-wisher or Way-farer,  Blessed we Both shall Be!

© Rhonda Turner

EI -- Pertaining to the Eihwaz rune, part of its essence is that which expresses the evergreen quality of the eternal.
Ur -- A prefix to indicate the orginal, or it as well pertains to the Uruz rune which contains the concept of primal patterning.
Vargr -- One who fares outside the mundane plane to the outer garths of wildness, also defined as an outlaw or wolf.
Ve -- Old Norse for 'Sacred Enclosure,' or separate from the mundane plane.

Rune information from "Futhark" by Edred Thorsson.

Image "New Year Walk": © Juergen Eilts, used by permission.

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