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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

The Whisper

The whisper calls to me in dark of night.
persistent; seducing with wisdom -
that I long to hear.

Words drip from lips sweet with honey;
words that lure me to your embrace;
melting my resolve.

Enveloped in your cloak...
so blue...azure; like your shining eye.
So full; worlds within that glistening orb;

The other lost and vacant.
Yet I long to look within the blackness there;
to gaze within the vast emptiness.

Hidden always beneath the shadow of your hood.
I touch your face; pull back the shroud...
and become lost in gazing at the horror.

Is it reflected in my face? my fear?
Hide the horror; let no one see the monstrous scar!
Yet I want to see...all of you; disfigured & transfigured.

spellbound I'm held in the gaze of your single eye;
danger and promise flashing in the depths -
I feel myself succumb.

I am languid in your embrace;
devouring words that hint but never tell -
promises and promises of....

You haunt the halls of my mind; seducing thought;
you've led me to love you.
You lead me onward.

Longing pierces my heart;
rends my flesh; shreds my soul -
I am nothing without you.

Let me collapse into your arms;
wound me in your embrace;
cast your spear into my heart again and again.

Is this the price I must pay? -
to come close to my beloved;
the wound received and grieved for?

I open my arms to him;
let the blood flow; stain me red - bright and crimson.
Just don't let go! don't let me fall from this embrace.

Surrounded in folds of your cloak - pulled close;
drenched in its warmth; soft and comforting.
I can almost see beneath the shroud.

Brush my hand across your wound;
flesh scarred and soul raw;
I feel its depth and the pain of loss.

Your voice loud now; no longer a whisper!
Up close... I kiss the scar that marks your wisdom;
Up close... I can see the scars we all bear.

Ones that lead to fury, madness and to wisdom;
and those that blur the line between.
What would you sacrifice? What have you sacrificed?

2005 Matilda Marks


Image: Adapted from an Ad.

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