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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

The Web of Wyrd

I see the Norns weaving the Web of Wyrd
I scream out, "CRUEL!" as I draw near
I scream from the depths of my spirit
So all in the Nine Worlds can hear it
"Cruel, you are cruel to me
Destroyers of my destiny!"
For they have taken away all that I own
Leaving me lost, scared, and alone

I ask Skuld to please cut my thread
I tell Her I'd be better off dead
But instead to my surprise
She lifts Her veil, and I see Her eyes
Brimming with tears as She reaches out to touch
And says, "My child, you have been through so much
But you are still here, living and breathing
And we are still here, spinning and weaving"

Verdandi shows me my Wyrd taking form
Dark in some places, like clouds of a storm
Bright in others, like the rainbow of peace
Silky, rough, elastic, soft like fleece
Urd shows me the patterns She has made
Life linked with life, knotted in braids
Experience and situation, synchronicity
Everything happens to fulfill Divinity

Skuld says, "There is a Higher plan
If only you would understand
There is a purpose to this madness
And it's more than just your sadness
Your purpose is to tell the stories
Of your tragedy and glory
Tell the stories, tell your truth
To all who will listen to you"

So I tell the stories to the crowd
I tell them loud, I tell them proud
About what it's like to be a girl
Heathen, bipolar, "walker between worlds"
If I can just touch one heart, one soul
Who's been there, who's felt, who knows
Then I have not lived in vain
There is some good to my pain

2006 Sigrun Odinsdottir

Image: "Persephone",  Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
Shadowscapes - The Art of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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