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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

The Wandering One

I have wandered dark and drear
through the many worlds
I've been held in awe and fear
and seen creation unfurl.

I've haunted groves of ghosts
that hung in offering.
I've been a lord of hosts
that flew on stormy winds.

I tore my tortured sight
and shed not a tear.
Vision fractured with the light
from that drink so dear.

Into you I have blown
whispers of the runes.
Secrets I have sown
into you they're hewn.

I will be here waiting
till the end of time.
I will be here watching;
patient and sublime.

I have wandered grim and gray
as a beggar in disguise,
yet I am king of all I survey;
ill-trusted and despised. 

2006 Matilda Marks


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