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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

The Walker

Who comes knocking, knowing
Night songs of wind whispers,
Cloak of twilight falling,
Listens at windows, waiting,
Who hears howls of soul calls,
Hovers to gather gleams
Growing into lantern
Lights as lives change,

Challenges of chance might
Marking the miles walking,
Disguises off-throwing
In moments you discover
Him amoung the gathered
Guarding you, his secret
Songs inciting othr,
Ond and vast victory

Volumes of lore lending
Light to night mystery
Concerning homeless Gods,
One-eyed walker, wearing
Twilight cloaks of winter-blue
And seeking soul-lights gleam
Gathering from the graves
Of gloom-frost, followers.

Hazel-Kate Dooley


Image: "Odin", Rafael Roman Arroyo 2003

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