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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Volkswagen Saga
Based upon a true story

On a summer's day
many journeys of Mundilfarisson ago
three souls set forth on their way
Loki Laufeysson for to blot

Solitude was what they sought
as these three they sallied forth
none they found on they drove
east and west, south and north

One suggested they travel
to an island that is not an island
a conundrum that is sure to please
the likes of Loki Laufeysson

The wheels of the Volkswagen
south did the Helsgythja turn
towards the island called Coney
on Vinland's broad shore

Around and around
our Helsgythja drove
seeking safe harbor
her Volkswagen to moor

A suitable shelter she sighted
but it, alas, twas not to be
for the Norns were to conspire
against our hapless travelers three

For as she reached that spot
Etins in a Toyota ancient
faded by Sunna the color of summer's sky
stole the Helsgythja's rightful spot

Our harried Helsgythja
she could take no more
dearly would the Etins pay
for this slight she could not ignore

With steely stare she scowled
smoke billowed from her ears
Like the dragon Fafnir, Siegfried's bane
fire flew from her mouth

Etins, I curse you!, she cried
may you always drive a faded ancient Toyota
and have many hideous Etin children
which shall gather around you

Immeadiately many hideous Etin children
tumbled from the Toyota ancient
All around many people
trembled in fear at the power of her seidr

To their knees they fell
they wept and begged
Oh, spare us, Oh powerful Helsgythja
they pleaded not daring to meet her angry glare

She spun her Volkswagen around
her companions said nothing
afraid to raise her ire
of the storming Helsgythja

A berth for the Volkswagen was found
a good berth safe from harm
but a few paces away
from Aegir's shifting sea

On to the beach we strode
horns and mead in our hands
under the heat of the Sunna
for to blot Loki Laufeysson

The mead was poured
rituals were read
the horns were raised
honoring Loki Laufeysson

Eric Wolfsbane

Image: Volkswagen New Beetle. This file is licensed under the
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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